ABC World News Features Urban Air Birthday Surprise for a Little Boy Turning 7

In his wildest dreams, Kaden Wilson never thought turning 7 would look this great. A perfectly set Birthday Party Table at Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park, a cake, presents, even a DJ. Sounds all Normal, right? Well, when Kaden’s mother, Stacy, asked him about a birthday party, he said no because he felt no one would come to his party and he didn’t have that many friends at school.

With nowhere to turn, mom Stacy went to Facebook. She had heard about an Arkansas Police Officer, Mr. Norman, who went above and beyond for the community. He looks like one tough cop, but he has become a social media celebrity for his tenderness. He told followers about Kaden and asked if anyone would be interested in sending him a birthday card?

The post went viral and made it to the desk of local Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park owners Grant and Stephanie Pederson who felt compassion to act. With the help of residents in the community, Grant and Stephanie hosted a birthday party for Kaden. Kaden was showered with love, presents and an amazing birthday party that he will never forget.

When Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park Corporate was asked for a comment their Director of Marketing Josh Tate said “Grant and Stephanie are truly amazing examples of why we do what we do at Urban Air. Seeing the joy on kid’s and mother’s faces and being a part of making magical memories is what Urban Air is all about. We appreciate their kindness, generosity and big hearts.”

Officer Norman sent Kaden a special message “People all over the world came together to make sure this this is one birthday you will never forget.” With Kaden sending a message back “I had an amazing birthday. It was a blast.”

And for Kaden’s mom who started this process in tears worried about her son not having friends or able to host a birthday party she said “He feels loved and so do I. I mean it has been awesome. I want to tell everybody thank you so much!”

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