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Interactive Scavenger Hunt

Gear Up! Game On with the Interactive Scavenger Hunt Experience!

We’ve taken the Urban Air experience you love and stepped up our game to make it even better! Now you can scan for points all across the park on different attractions like: Climbing Walls, Warrior Course, The Apex, Tubes Indoor Playground, Sky Rider Coaster, Runway and more! Scale to the top of the climbing walls and scan your Snap Action Band on the T.A.P. Scanners throughout the park to collect points. Track your progress in the Gear Up! Game On app and see your points continue to increase!

With so many games to choose from, you’ll always have a challenge to accomplish!

Urban Air Adventure Quest: The Rescue Chronicles

Interactive Scavenger Hunt Interactive Scavenger Hunt 1 Interactive Scavenger Hunt 2

In a greedy effort to disrupt the unseen Mystical Worlds hidden within Urban Air Adventure Parks, the Wicked Knight Wizard, Darnoc, has captured all the friendly Mystic Creatures and stolen their treasures. They need our help! Adventure Quest throughout Urban Air, seek out all 40 Mystic World Gateways, use your Urban Air Snap ActionBand to unlock, rescue and recover to restore the peace. *Be forewarned of the unexpected discoveries that lurk behind the hidden Gateways! We fare thee well!


Interactive Scavenger Hunt 6

On your mark, get set, GO! Race your friends through the park to capture as many points as possible with your Snap ActionBand! With our seventy-five T.A.P. Scanners (Tap Action Points) around the park, you’ll be presented for time to try and capture as many points as possible! Points earned can be redeemed for prizes in our Awesome Prize Station.

Splatter POP Urbie

Interactive Scavenger Hunt 3 Interactive Scavenger Hunt 4

Go on a Scavenger Hunt with your friends throughout Urban Air and Splatter Pop Urbie’s Balloon for surprise Points! Thirty-five T.A.P. Scanners are placed throughout the park and on each attraction. See if you can find them all! Points earned go towards can be redeemed for prizes in our Awesome Prize Station.