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Conquer Land and Sky at Urban Air Adventure Park + 50 Ultimate Giveaways

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary visit to Urban Air Adventure Park in exchange for my time sharing this post. All thoughts are my own.


Adventure. That’s the name of the game for my kiddos when it comes to winter break. If they aren’t wrestling in the living room, they’re playing “pelt your sibling with stuffed animals” or “dump out all the blocks then don’t play with them” or “how many Keurig cups can we stack and then kick around the kitchen.” No matter how you spin it, they’re wreaking havoc. And I know it’s because they have below-zero levels of energy thanks to our good ol’ Minnesota temperatures. So, I’ve got a Parental Solution – take them to an indoor adventure park that will let them run off all their steam while simultaneously blowing their minds! Have you been to Urban Air Adventure Park in Coon Rapids yet? Winter break is the perfect time to pay them a visit. Make it a special outing and they’ll spend the rest of winter break thanking you (and sleeping really, really well).

What is it?
While the rest of the country has a number of them, Coon Rapids became home to Minnesota’s first-ever Urban Air franchise. Celebrating its grand opening Labor Day Weekend, 2017, this 30,000 square foot adventure park definitely lives up to its name. You can play with your feet on the ground or soar through the air or climb to the ceiling or leap and flex through obstacles. This is not your average trampoline park. It’s not just another rock climbing venue or warrior course or indoor play place. This is a little bit of everything under one roof – and it’s new and clean and super awesome!

When you walk in, you will pay for your package choice at the front desk (or you can do it online before arriving) and then the adventure is up to you. You can choose from a wide array of physical activities including trampolines (free style, Olympic, air bag and basketball), a ropes course, climbing walls, a climbing hill, warriors obstacle course, a battle beam (on which my husband absolutely crushed me), and a tubes-and-slides play place. We managed to spend three hours here with only one snack break because everyone was far too excited to continue conquering everything in the building. It was so fun to watch my kiddos go from being completely fearful of certain activities to proudly leaping and bounding through them like they’d been practicing for years. Their confidence and joy will both soar at Urban Air.

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