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Elgin, IL Trampoline & Adventure Park

1019 E. Chicago St., Elgin, IL 60120

What’s Happening in Elgin?

Trampoline & Adventure Park Coming Soon!

Located at: 1019 E. Chicago St., Elgin, IL 60120

Our Elgin Trampoline & Adventure Park is the perfect destination for Clintonville, Sherwood Oaks, Sleepy Hollow, South Elgin, and Elgin Trampoline & Adventure Park enjoyment, and will provide weekly events and birthday parties for all ages and fitness levels.

If you’re looking for the best place for safe, fun, affordable activities for the entire family then you have found the right place. Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park has been voted BEST Gym In American for Kids by Shape Magazine, BEST Place To Take Energetic Kids and BEST Trampoline Parks. Check out all of our awards on our Awards page.

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