Frequently Asked Questions - Birthday Parties

Due to the popularity of Urban Air, we experience a large number of calls with questions about Birthday Parties and Special Events. In an effort to provide the best Customer Service possible, we have provided you with the most frequently asked questions and answers.

General Questions

  1. For Open Jump Passes, complete online waiver and bring voucher to location purchased.
  2. For Birthday Party option, call 800-960-4778 x1 to make a reservation over the phone and have Groupon number ready.
  3. Present Groupon upon arrival at location purchased

We look forward to seeing you at the park!

Each Urban Air Location has unique hours based on its activity calendar so make sure to always check your local park webpage for details. Parks open at 10AM on school holidays and during the summer so make sure to keep an eye out for these special openings. CLICK HERE to view your local parks webpage.

No. You may show up at any time and start playing!

We believe Urban Air is a fun, safe environment where parents can feel comfortable dropping off their kids. It is up to you as the parent to decide if your child is old enough to be dropped off. Kids can ALWAYS use our phone and even when their time is over, they are welcome to hang out until you get back to pick them up.

YES. We design all of our facilities where parents can comfortably sit and watch their kiddos jump for FREE. We encourage you to take photos and post them to your favorite social media site.

Parking is available in the front and side of Urban Air as well as these other overflow locations:

Adventure Golf Cars – Please abide by posted signs
German Deli
Street Parking – Please use caution when crossing Commerce Street

Urban Air Trampoline Park Frisco is located just North of the Fieldhouse off John W. Elliott. Take Frisco St. to All Stars then take a left on John W. Elliott. We are in the same complex as the Indoor Racetrack.

You are allowed to bring a cake, cupcakes or cookies to your birthday party at Urban Air. All other food and drinks may be purchased onsite. We offer a wide range of drinks and snacks as well as pizza and other items in the cafe.

No. All trampoline activities are included with the purchase of an Urban Air Jump Pass. Some facilities may have additional non-trampoline attractions such as the Warrior Course, TUBES Playground, Sky Rider, Ropes Course, etc., which may require separate tickets. Always check the Hours & Pricing page for information on park attractions and pricing.

Although some locations do have an area for ages 7 and under called “The Bowl” younger kiddos are allowed to play in all areas of the park as long as they follow the rules. If a child is too young to understand and follow the rules we may request that they stay in The Bowl during the duration of their jump time. Several attractions have height or age restrictions.

Athletic attire is recommended. Do not wear jeans with studs or rhinestones as these may cause rips or tears in the trampolines. Always jump with empty pockets.

Yes, we have ramps to allow strollers to move around freely inside the facility.

Urban Air is currently seeking energetic Franchisee Partners to help grow the Urban Air brand across the country. The Urban Air Franchise offers you the comfort and support of a successful trampoline & adventure park operator, along with the brand protection and marketing expertise that license and consulting programs cannot provide.

For more information about the Urban Air Franchise Program check out the Franchise Opportunity Page.

Birthday Parties at Urban Air Adventure Park

Urban Air is dedicated to offering safe, fun and affordable parties to kids of all ages. Urban Air has been in business for over 5 years and has hosted thousands of Birthday Parties and Special Events. Many businesses have tried to copy Urban Air but none have been able to provide the stress-free service, experience and lasting memories that Urban Air provides its loyal customers.
Check out the Awards Page to view all the awards Urban Air has won over the years, then come experience for yourself. Here are just a few:

  • Best Kids Birthday Parties
  • Best Place to take Energetic Kids
  • Best Trampoline Park
  • Best Jump Parties
  • Best Gym In America For Kids

You can book a party any time online by clicking the BOOK A PARTY link at the top of the website.

We will start setting up your Party 15 minutes before the scheduled start time so feel free to arrive around that time. If you arrive any earlier your room or table may not be ready due to other parties occurring before yours.

Glow parties are held every Friday night starting at 6pm. The lights are turned off and the lasers, disco, lights and black-lights are on. Kids attending the party are given a glow stick or glow necklace, and parents are encouraged to bring additional glow items to decorate the table with.

Feel free to bring a Birthday Cake, cupcakes or cookies, candles, presents, and birthday child! All other items can be purchased through the park. We do not allow outside food, drinks or coolers.

We offer pizza and other snacks and candy which can be purchased through the park. We will contact you a few days before your party to get your pizza order if you do not know it at the time of booking. For most locations, all pizza orders must be placed by 5pm the Thursday prior to your party. To ensure that your pizza orders are received in a timely manner, please note the pizza order cutoff time that is on your Order Invoice. We do not allow outside food, drinks or coolers, only your birthday cake, cupcakes or cookies.

Unfortunately we do not have a way to keep the ice cream from melting and we do not allow outside coolers. We do however offer Mini Melts Ice Cream and other cold treats at the park.

Yes, of course, a baked dessert item is fine! Just as long as there is no ice cream or ice cream cake.

Yes, if you would like to bring your own decorations or themed decorations, plates, and napkins, you are more than welcome to do so!

Unfortunately not, we don’t allow any other outside food or drink at the park. However, your party package does include one bottle of water per jumper and if you need additional drinks we offer soda, Gatorades and more at the park. We also have water fountains.

Yes, in the Party Rooms we have tables for presents and for Party Tables out in the Party Zone you can also put presents on the table.

Birthday Parties & Team Events: There is a $25 cancellation fee. If you cancel the party with less than a 72 hour notice, we will work with you to find another date and time to host your party or you will forfeit the full deposit. If you choose to reschedule your party and cancel at a later date you will forfeit the full deposit. Deposits are applied to the remaining balance at the end of the party.

Special Events: a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book a special event. If you cancel your event you will forfeit the full deposit.

Weather: If acts of God or Weather cause the facility to close, your party will be re-scheduled. No refunds will be given due to weather or acts of God.

You can book a party any time online by clicking the BOOK A PARTY link at the top of the website.

Yes, you will have a Party host that will take care of everything you need. They will also be assisting other parties at the same time, similar to a waiter/waitress environment. If you are interested in a Private Host, our Private Party Room packages have a private host.

Gratuity is not included and can be provided directly to your host or at checkout at your discretion.

You can add the following items to your party table:

  • Pizza
  • Private Dodgeball Games
  • Party Favors
  • Mini Melts
  • Jump Socks
  • and much more…

Yes, anyone who is jumping counts towards the 10. This includes the birthday party child and any parents who may be jumping. We DO NOT charge for parents, grandparents or friends to stay and watch. You can BOOK A PARTY any time on our website and customize your party to meet your needs and budget.

Extra Jumper refers to any person accessing any of the attractions. Any persons attending the party may watch at no charge but may not access any of the attractions. If any guests in the group want to be part of the “Extra Jumper” pricing, they will need to be included on your final party bill. If you do not want extra guests on your bill, and they want to access the attractions, they will need to go to front desk to purchase a full priced ticket.

No. Anyone jumping with a party is charged the party jumper rate. Ages 2 and under are Free with a full price Adult open jump ticket. It is actually cheaper to pay for Ages 2 and under with the party because not only do they get a jumping wristband but they also get a bottled water and table setup with all of the other kiddos.

We have no age limits, in fact we have an area dedicated to ages 7 and under! Must be at least 41” for Warrior Attractions and Climbing Walls, 48″ for Ropes Course and Sky Rider. Maximum height of the Tubes is 52″.

Yes, party invitations are on our website underneath the birthday tab at the bottom of the page when you scroll down.

We recommend that parents sign waivers for their children on our website in advance so that it will automatically be in our system when they arrive. Every customer wishing to participate in our attractions is required to sign a waiver. Waivers only need to be signed once per year.

Waivers can be signed by clicking the SIGN WAIVER link at the top of the website.

The waivers outline the risks associated with jumping on trampolines just like a bounce house party. We require waivers to be filled out for each jumper before they are allowed to jump or participate in any of our activities.

Waivers can be signed by clicking the SIGN WAIVER link at the top of the website.

Pizzas are ordered from local pizza vendors, which vary by location and start at 13.00 each. If the location you are interested in has a Cafe, then your party pizzas will be made in-house. All pizzas have approximately 8 to 10 slices each. If you are approximating 2 slices per person, one pizza should feed 3 to 5 people. For most locations, all pizza orders must be placed by 5pm the Thursday prior to your party. To ensure that your pizza orders are received in a timely manner, please note the pizza order cutoff time that is on your Order Invoice. We do not allow outside food, drinks or coolers besides your birthday cake, cupcakes or cookies.

No need to call us! Just email your pizza order to the party email in your invoice along with your name, order number and park location. We update your party with whatever you need and email you back a confirmation reflecting the changes. All party changes, including pizza orders, must be placed by 5pm the Thursday prior to your party or by the cutoff time found on your Order Invoice. We do not allow outside food, drinks or coolers besides your birthday cake, cupcakes or cookies.

Unfortunately we cannot pencil anyone in because we are required to have a 50% deposit down to hold the spot. However as soon as you are ready to book, you can go online and book your party any time by clicking the BOOK A PARTY link!

Our staff will get the kids checked in and they will then go and play for around 1 hour and 20 minutes. The kids will then be called over the sound system to come back to their table or room for cake, pizza and presents. After they have cake, pizza and presents, if there is any time left they can go back and play. Parties are 2 hours in length. You will have your table and/or room for the full two hours.

If you have a Private Party Room or Suite your host would be happy to take the kiddos around the park. If you have a party table, you have a shared host and they will not be able to take the kiddos around the park. Either way though, the kids get the hang of it fast and have the best time! When it is time for kiddos to come back to the table or room to eat pizza or cake, we will call the party over the speakers of the park.

To ensure you get the time and date you prefer, we would recommend booking your party at least 2 weeks before the party. The easiest way to book a party is to book online through our website. Simply CLICK HERE to check out our party package then click the BOOK A PARTY link at the top of the site to book it.

Depending on the size of the children we feel that 20 is a comfortable number. Our tables are 12 feet in length. However, if you don’t mind them being squeezed it could possibly be up to 25 since the kids will be playing a majority of the time anyways and the amount of time they will spend sitting will be very minimal.

We do not have a maximum but we would recommend no more than 25 people if you are concerned about seating at the table. If your party grows to larger than 25, we would recommend adding an additional room or table for your guests.

No, just the birthday child gets a free shirt. This shirt can be worn back on Tuesdays and Thursdays to receive 50% off the price of an Ultimate Pass.

The deposit amount is 50% of the base price. The deposit is applied to the final bill at checkout at the end of your party. You can book a party any time online by clicking the BOOK A PARTY link at the top of the website.

Yes, if your child has special needs, please let us know upon booking your party so that we can make the appropriate accommodations and inform your Party Host.

Any child who is jumping or accessing any attractions, regardless of age, will need to be paid for.

Yes, some locations have The Bowl, which is a trampoline area dedicated for ages 7 and under, or the Tubes for 9 and under. Also, because the foam pit or stunt bag and runway are one-at-a-time activities, they are also safe for the younger kiddos. Always check the attractions page for your local park to see what attractions are available.

Yes! We do parties 7 days a week! These are great for families who like the entire park to themselves! You can book a party any time online by clicking the BOOK A PARTY link at the top of the website.