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Work & Fly – Port St. Lucie

You Work and Kids Fly at Urban Air Adventure Park


Are you finding it impossible to get your work done with energetic kids underfoot? Do you need a break from virtual learning to have some time to yourself? Or maybe your usual Wednesday book club can’t meet because you have kids at home learning? Our Work & Fly program offers a safe and fun solution for both kids and adults. While the park is closed to the public, you can rent your own private party room. Use it to work, relax or even as a new place to help kids with virtual learning. Meanwhile for the price of a regular attraction pass, kids can use the park to burn off some of that energy. It’s almost a private park experience!

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Why Work & Fly?

  1. Private place for you to get some work done while kids are entertained
  2. High speed WiFi connections to support work, school or even just surfing!
  3. Park is closed to the public and capacity controlled by party room so it’s a near private experience
  4. We follow the same strict safety and health protocol as when the park is open
  5. A great reward for kids who are working hard at school
  6. And, for parents, less stress and less guilt

Program Overview:

Hours: 3 time blocks

Private room rental

Pricing: $50 per room plus regular attraction pass pricing for each child




*Disclaimer: All payments will be made via credit card entered at time of booking. Bookings must be made 15 hours before scheduled time to hold rooms.  Park opens to the public at 4pm.